Tuesday, December 11, 2012

AnyOne CanDraw, XI

Gabriel Mark Lipper
The AnyOne CanDraw sessions are now officially a secret.  Please don't tell anybody else about this free drawing group.  At one point, there were 26 people drawing or painting in my studio.  Three latecomers decided to leave for lack of seating. 

It was wonderfully overwhelming.  There was a lot of stunning work being made.  Humbling.  I didn't get many pictures.  I was too busy trying to clean my brushes.  Painting a figure in 40 minutes is messy.  At least for me. 

Steve LaRose


margaret@dancingclouds.com said...

WOW! Congratulations on having a packed house. It's exciting to know you have a demand for life drawing...are you doing more sessions?

Steven LaRose said...

Yes, we have one more this year and then we will start up again on Jan. 7th.

But don't tell anybody and get there early.

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