Friday, July 30, 2010

Highlights from blogs I follow "B and C"

"I love artists that break the rules and Andrei Molotiu breaks them all, with mind-bending and beautiful results."--Scott McCloud The image above is the most representation you will get over at blotcomics.

I should check in with Ryan of Brief Epigrams more often. He is always posting interesting stuff.

Somehow, Jonathan Adler at Cabin makes Art with a spartan capital "A" and Chris Jagers always is rooting up some aesthetic curiosity.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shake it off. . . starting with "A"

I've been out of the loop for awhile. I thought I might actually follow the blogs I say I follow. Here are my internal, insular, and alphabetically favorite surf results:
I don't know who tonci zonjic is, although they are clearly of the professional ilk. Their official web site offers up some proverbial cool kaka (and I mean that in the most humble of ways). Because tonci's blog is titled "86 35" the next blog in line is Abstract Comics: The Blog. The above is a screen shot of a recent project in which I contributed the fifth panel. The whole thing can be found here. And there is talk of a forthcoming high resolution hard copy print for those who are interested.

Anaba is next. Martin Bromirski is on thousands of link lists. His taste leans a different direction than mine, but only slightly. . . there is some overlap.
Brenda Goodman paints with some wood stove and ash laden monsters. But and also, Beth Gilfilen, at John Davis Gallery is wiggin my proverbial out.Kathy at the blog AndMoreAgain always schools me.

An all-time favorite blog is Animations Backgounds:
and yet, Bill at Artblog Comments is posting less and less these days:

Tête à tête

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Calling All Smart People

This weekend I finally got around to painting the front fender of the Vespa. I crunched it last year running into a dumpster. I'd forgotten that the steering column was locked and I did a nifty pirouette into the big metal box. I'd rather not talk about it anymore, but still. . . .I did my first body work with these really cool hammer tools and some Bondo, etc.
You can see that the shape isn't so perfect anymore. And with the new paint, you can see the variations of my craft.
Still, the color is a good match. But that's not why I've asked you smart people to visit. See these rubber rings that act as suspension for the side car? Notice how they are starting to fail? I replaced them earlier this year because of the same issue. A couple had torn in half. Some guy in India was nice enough to send me these replacements for free. (As a side note, the box was a hand stitched canvas box. It was beautiful until it occurred to me that labor was cheaper than tape in India).
Free is nice and all, but these were a bitch to replace. Stacy and I were pullin' and yankin' and pryin' and flexin' for a long time. My question to you is this, what might be a clever alternative to these rubber rings?